Written Documentation

I wrote documentation for QuickBooks software. The help article below explains the situation when an end user might not see their client listed within Intuit’s software and how to solve this problem.

How to find a company that is missing from the quickbooks online accountant client list

The next article, also for QuickBooks, explains how to download and use special applications within the QuickBooks software.

How to download and use apps in quickbooks online

This next article I wrote for QuickBooks explains to accountants how to create an account for their client within the software.

How to create a client in quickbooks online

I also created documentation for Mozilla. I wrote pieces to show others how to use Firefox features. These two documents are for the Firefox iPhone app, Firefox for iOS, and the Firefox video chat feature, Firefox Hello.

Firefox for iOS

Firefox Hello

Also at Mozilla I created a training guide in which I teach volunteer technical writers how to write Mozilla Support articles. Here are some pieces from that training guide. These pieces show technical writers how to write articles on Mozilla Support, how articles should look, how to use proper language and tone, and how to create and add screenshots.

Writing a New Article

Style Guide

Adding Screenshots

In addition to the documentation listed here, feel free to contact me to request other documentation not on this site.

2 thoughts on “Written Documentation

    • Nampiq, thank you so much. I’m so glad someone likes my blog. And thank you so much for the reminder to change the screenshots link. I meant to do that yesterday. I really appreciate the tip.


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