Written Documentation

Click on the links below to see documentation I wrote for Casebook, QuickBooks, and Mozilla.

Casebook Documentation

Casebook makes software for social workers.

Note: If the PDFs look small, zoom in with your mouse. Also feel free to contact me via email to see bigger versions of many of these articles.

  1. This Casebook help article shows customers how to add new people as users to their Casebook account.
    Adding New Users
  2. This article shows customers how to use the filtering function on Casebook’s Workload View pages.
    Filtering Lists
  3. This next article shows customers how to download the Casebook Mobile app.
    Accessing Mobile
  4. This process article shows how both social workers and potential parents can work together on foster parent applications. (Note: The original article is longer. This is a sample of the beginning of the article.)
    Applying to be a Provider

QuickBooks Documentation

Quickbooks makes software for accountants.

  1. This QuickBooks help article explains the situation when an accountant might not see their client listed within Intuit’s software and how to solve this problem:
    How to find a company that is missing from the quickbooks online accountant client list
  2. This next article explains how to download and use special applications within the QuickBooks software:
    How to download and use apps in quickbooks online
  3. This next article explains to accountants how to create an account for their client within the software.
    How to create a client in quickbooks online

Mozilla Training Guide

Mozilla makes the web browser, Firefox.

  1. This is a style guide for Mozilla’s technical support content:
    Style Guide
  2. This article shows new Mozilla technical writers how to write new technical support articles:
    Writing a New Article


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