Technical Writing

Click on the links below to see public-facing documentation I wrote for Fast, MURAL, and Casebook.

Fast Documentation

Fast makes one-click checkout experiences for small business websites.

  1. This document tells small business owners what Fast is and what they need to get started with Fast.
    Fast Overview and Prerequisites
  2. This document shows small business owners how to sign up for Fast.
    Sign Up for Fast with BigCommerce
  3. This document shows small business owners how to install one-click checkout buttons onto their online stores.
    Install Fast Buttons for BigCommerce – Production Mode

MURAL Documentation

MURAL makes digital whiteboards for tech companies.

  1. This document shows developers how to use MURAL’s GET Members API endpoint.
    Mural Get Company Member
  2. This document shows IT managers how to install Single Sign-On for their company’s MURAL accounts.

Casebook Documentation

Casebook makes software for social workers.

  1. This Casebook help article shows customers how to add new people as users to their Casebook account.
    Adding New Users
  2. This article shows customers how to use the filtering function on Casebook’s Workload View pages.
    Filtering Lists
  3. This next article shows customers how to download the Casebook Mobile app.
    Accessing Mobile
  4. This process article shows how both social workers and potential parents can work together on foster parent applications. (Note: The original article is longer. This is a sample of the beginning of the article.)
    Applying to be a Provider

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