Working as a Remote Employee

I love working remotely as a tech writer for Mozilla. I love being able to work from wherever I choose. I also love scheduling my work time around projects. I’ve noticed that there are a few qualities that make for a terrific remote employee:

1. Be self-motivated

When I was a child in school, I begged my teachers to let me hand assignments in early. I would get my work done as soon as possible and I didn’t want anxiety lingering over my head because I hadn’t officially handed the assignment in yet. I’ve kept up this get-it-done-ASAP attitude all throughout my life. Having this quality is essential for being a remote employee. No coworker will hover over you physically to get the job done. Do it yourself.


2. Don’t Get Too Lonely Too Easily

Remote work is perfect for introverts who love to work on their own. A remote employee won’t have coworkers to talk to in person every day. However, this makes it extra important to know how non-social you can be. Although I have a home office, I go nuts if I stay there all day every day. So I go to a local town center with a Starbucks and a library to get work done with other people present. I also have a few supportive friends I see on weekends. I can be alone at the moment without being completely alone.


3. Get in the Working Zone

I gave myself a few rules. Work in your office or occasionally the kitchen or den, but NOT your bedroom. Working in a sleeping space can be stifling. Many blogs and articles tout the idea of “working in your pajamas.” Don’t follow that advice. Getting ready in day clothes perks you up and tells your mind that it’s time to work.

Being able to do this is essential for being a remote employee. It’s not for everyone, but it’s perfect for me.

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