My New Project

I never thought of myself as a classroom teacher, yet I always loved the idea of teaching someone something. When I came across technical writing, I knew I had found the right job for me. I could use writing to teach others how to use a software or program. I’ve been writing articles that show users how to use Firefox for iOS, Firefox Hello, and more. But my latest project makes me even more of a teacher. I am going to teach new volunteers how to become technical writers, something I’ve learned myself over the last year.

For this project, I am creating an on boarding guide that shows new technical writers how to write articles for Mozilla Support. What does an article look like? How does a person go about writing one? How does he take screenshots? What tone should she use?

I’m especially excited about this project because of its lasting impact. This training guide can help others for years to come. On top of that, it will impact every procedural and troubleshooting article that will be written in the future. The on boarding guide will be the starting point of all of that. And that feels amazing.

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