Writing, Video, and Code, Oh My!

The Outreachy internship has given me boundless amounts of practice and experience in writing technical articles, something I feel that I excel at. Though I’ve written nearly forty articles on Firefox Hello, Firefox for iOS, and the knowledge base training guide, articles are not the only experience I’ve gained from this program. Click Written Documentation above to see just a few of my article samples.

I have also created video tutorials for certain Firefox features. Click Video Documentation on the menu just above this blog post to see them. Video production doesn’t come as naturally to me as article writing, but it’s fun to create and to practice.

But perhaps I am proudest of this last accomplishment mainly because it’s not something I normally do: I added code. I’m not a developer by trade. I am proficient at HTML/CSS and I know how code works. I’ve taken classes and online tutorials in Javascript and Ruby at Code Academy, General Assembly, the STC NY Metro Chapter, and the Google New York City offices. However, writing code doesn’t come as easily to me as writing articles. So I was especially proud of myself for downloading the code from the SUMO Create a New Article page, finding sample code to create tooltips, and inserting that code into the Mozilla site. I found the code I used here and here. In this new version of the article, users can hover over question marks to find out more information about writing articles. My supervisor and I have not decided whether we will use this code or not, but we’re experimenting. Below is a screenshot of the tooltips.



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