More Job Categories

I came into this job search process intent on being a technical writer. I still am. But one thing I have realized is that only searching for jobs with the phrase technical writer is a bit rigid. So I’ve branched out with a few job descriptions that include tech writing but that also involve other areas of related work.


One of the other work areas I am looking at is client services at tech companies. Many companies have clients who call or email in with technical questions. I have come to realize that this relates to technical writing. You’re figuring out how to do something with technology and teaching someone else how to do it, often through screenshots and organized writing in an email.


Another area I’m looking into is general copywriting and content management. I am a writer by trade. I am particularly interested in companies that will ask for a portion of my writing to be marketing, 60% perhaps. But I also want to be able to write other materials such as UX copy and, of course, documentation. I may take a few tutorials in various content management systems.

I am excited about my projected career path and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

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