Historical Fiction

This blog post is a little different from my others. Normally I talk about technology and technical writing. But I want to mention my other passion, historical fiction writing.




I adore writing historical fiction. And it has connected with technical writing in some surprising ways. Historical fiction requires research. You look at details of how people lived in a different time period. Then you figure out which details to include and where to add them within a story. This is a little bit similar to technical writing. In technical writing, you research and learn about technology. Then you put the information together in an organized, clear way. With both writings, you are teaching other people what you’ve learned either about history or about technology.




Perhaps this is a far-fetched analogy, but I believe that it makes sense. Being a writer of any kind requires creative thinking. If you’d liketo hear more about my novelist side, check out my historical fiction website, writingthroughtime.com.


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